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Sober Escort

Posted on: June 28th, 2013 by Hired Power

How Useful is an Actor Recovery Assistant?
Many celebrities are notorious for having ongoing problems with drugs and alcohol. Although some, like Paula Abdul, are the butt of jokes and gossip, addiction should be recognized for posing a real threat. An actor recovery assistant can help celebrities who are struggling with overcoming addiction. Most recently, David Hasselhoff was rushed to the hospital for alleged alcohol poisoning. This is not the first time that this has happened, and Hasselhoff’s teenage daughter was faced with this overwhelming situation. Instead of putting friends or family in a potentially scary position, having a recovery assistant can help guide an addict through stressful events. Having a recovery assistant who is experienced in handling unexpected obstacles can be helpful to any individual coping with addiction.


A Sober Escort is a Friend
A sober escort is a friend, and not the kind that will be of negative influence. A sober escort can have first hand experience in dealing with overcoming drug addiction that will help when coping with the conflicting emotions. Sober escorts are professional, certified, and even undergo random drug testing to ensure their commitment to helping others recover. Many individuals may have a fear or misconception that those helping with recovery can have ulterior motives. There are always rumors that people believe they will help the addict hide their abuse and continue to use. In fact, the complete opposite is true. A sober escort is more than just a person who will chaperone your daily activities but help you establish a friendly bond which is the first step in healing.


Helping Addicts become Sober Champions
It is possible for addicts to become sober champions. A reassuring assistant paired with post therapy services will make it easier to maintain a drug-free lifestyle. Without crippling crutch of chemical dependency, a recovering addict is on their way to becoming a healthy sober champion! It is never too late, so don’t give up hope. If you need more information about overcoming alcoholism or drug abuse, get help today.


Recovery Assistance for Artists

There can often be a pattern of addiction for talented people that become recognized for their art.  Musicians can struggle with drug or alcohol abuse because they have so many doors open to them and they may be surrounded by enablers.  Their friends and even people working for them may keep their addiction hidden from the public but they are not helping them to recover.  That is the best time for a sober escort to step in and give them some assistance.  A sober coach for an artist will not be a “yes man” like so many others who deal with celebrities.  They are there to make sure that the artist remains abstinent from abuse and gets through the process of recovery.  They can also be a trustworthy friend that has their best interests in mind and will be supportive throughout their stay.


Safe Transportation and Companionship

A sober escort has the ultimate goal of keeping an addict sober and they will do everything it takes to make sure they are successful.  This means they will be there to drive and transport anywhere you need to be and can even stay with you to give you support.  When a person in recovery is driving they may feel compelled to make detours that could put them in danger of relapse.  The sober escort is there to allow safe transport and accompany the addict to places where they feel there is some risk for them.  They will keep a watchful eye on you but also be there as a friend to help you through any difficult moments.  They can walk you through the feelings that come up in certain situations and boost your confidence as well. 


Recovery Success with a Sober Escort

There is more to being a sober assistant than just forcing someone to stay away from alcohol or drugs.  A sober escort has enough life experience and compassion for the addict that they want them to achieve success.  They are there to provide counseling and support that will be life-changing.  People from all walks of life look to sober escorts for help with managing daily tasks and because they simply need a friend they can trust.  Whenever you need assistance with friends, family or work the sober coach has some valuable advice to provide.  All of your hard work will pay off in the end as you reach your goals and become more independent as a sober person.  

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I believe the hardest part of recovery is after treatment, when you step back into the real world. Having a Sober Companion by my side right out of treatment was extra motivation to stay clean and sober. Their staff has a talent of helping you reach your highest potential without being pushy. Hired Power shows they care. They don’t just say they care- they live by it.

Client, Los Angeles

I have worked with Nanette Zumwalt and the Hired Power team for over 8 years in several different capacities; they have continued to uphold integrity and kindness with clients, families and other professionals. I can say that they have been transparent, understanding and honest.

Eloise Gene-Black, CADCII

Hired Power opened my eyes to a whole different way of living. Having someone with me who was educated, compassionate, and empathetic to my situation made me feel extremely safe and valued as I walked through this scary time of my life.

Alison Hord

I have worked in the field of chemical dependency for several years and helped 100’s of families; however, when a family member of mine needed help, I knew that I was too close to the situation. I called Hired Power to help and within minutes, I had someone working on the care my loved one.

Paige Willard, CRC Health

Thanks again for being there for us and guiding us through some rough waters. Your kindness and genuine concern deeply touched my soul and we are all grateful our paths crossed when they did. You are a truly gifted professional, keep on doing what you do so well.

Linda, California

Thank you for your support. Having someone with me when I went home to talk with my family was more important than I ever imagined. I couldn’t have done it alone.

Client, Dallas,Texas

Returning home to the same situations, the same friends, job and lifestyle were my biggest fears. Having a PRA with me changed all that. I was able to leave my house, go to work, meetings and family outings with the support I needed. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

Client, Atlanta, Georgia

Hired Power has been the only consistency my niece has had throughout this treatment process. Thank you

Family Member, New York

I just want to thank Hired Power for the PRA. He was a perfect match and I can’t say enough…. He was intensely committed. This is the first time I have been clean in over 30 years. Thank you again

Client, Los Angeles
October 27, 2016
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