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Clean Sober Coach Helps with Sober Monitoring

Posted on: June 28th, 2013 by Hired Power

The Value of Sober Monitoring

Sober monitoring is frequently praised for helping recovering addicts maintain their sobriety after the initial detoxification process. You may find yourself asking what exactly sober monitoring is and how thousands benefiting from these resources. Sober monitoring is offered in most post treatment programs. They serve as a crutch that individuals can rely on while slowly returning to their drug-free routine. Sober monitoring often includes regular medical appointments or therapy sessions to help maintain a structured form of support. More often, monitoring will actually involve an individual with a more hands-on approach of support.

Who is a Clean Sober Coach?

An individual who is knowledgeable in providing recovery assistance is called a clean sober coach. A clean sober coach may begin helping individuals during the early stages of sobriety. Life’s challenges may scary and difficult to overcome in this vulnerable stage. With their experience and reassuring advice, a sober coach is available to help guide you through life’s obstacles. Relapse, temptation, and other bumps in the road are all a normal part of recovery. Falling short of your goal can be discouraging but a clean sober coach will know better than to let you give up easily. In order to stop the cycle of addiction, it is crucial to take charge of your life.

Sober Assistance as a Part of Recovery

Drug addiction is difficult to overcome alone, so it is not a surprise that recovery also falls under this quality. A responsible drug treatment program will offer sober assistance to help addicts cope with their new life. Finding happiness and a balance in life can be complicated after your perspective has been distorted by drug use. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, sober assistance can help individuals find the good out of this new opportunity and make the best out of their life. Everyone deserves a chance to live a healthy life and sober assistance is something that can help recovering addicts.

Continued Recovery after Rehab

Many people that suffer from addiction find that they can successfully remain sober while staying in a rehab facility but what happens after they leave? They can feel apprehensive about how to cope with the normal stresses of life while being completely sober. Because of this common problem, a clean sober coach and sober monitoring provides an option for staying connected to a supportive environment while returning back home. Checking in with medical appointments and therapy sessions can help recovering addicts feel like they can be more successful. If a former patient becomes too isolated after leaving treatment they have a high risk of relapse. Receiving sober monitoring as part of a plan for continued care increases their confidence and helps them stay motivated.

Friends for a Sober Lifestyle

Some people may need more than just therapy sessions to feel connected and supported through their recovery process. That is when a clean sober coach can be an important part of building their sober lifestyle. When you are living at home and trying to avoid a lot of your old habits sometimes you need a friend to encourage you and make you feel more positive. If you cannot find this kind of support from your own friends or family members then a sober coach can be there to help you. Being alone or having no one to share your experiences with can make things so much harder. Just having someone to talk to and be there for you in the ups and downs of recovery is the best way to stay grounded. A clean sober coach can share with you how they achieved their own sober lifestyle and guide you through the process with compassion and care.

Getting Through Moments of Crisis

The biggest issues for people who are recovering from addiction are the moments when they feel vulnerable and are tempted to relapse. The dangers of this are very real in spite of their many months of being sober. A clean sober coach helps the addict get through the hardest moments when they are experiencing a crisis. They are specially trained to talk you out of making bad decisions so that you do not do something you regret. The most difficult moments are the ones where we need to rely on others for help. A clean sober coach is available whenever you need them so that you are not left to deal with your feelings alone.

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I believe the hardest part of recovery is after treatment, when you step back into the real world. Having a Sober Companion by my side right out of treatment was extra motivation to stay clean and sober. Their staff has a talent of helping you reach your highest potential without being pushy. Hired Power shows they care. They don’t just say they care- they live by it.

Client, Los Angeles

I have worked with Nanette Zumwalt and the Hired Power team for over 8 years in several different capacities; they have continued to uphold integrity and kindness with clients, families and other professionals. I can say that they have been transparent, understanding and honest.

Eloise Gene-Black, CADCII

Hired Power opened my eyes to a whole different way of living. Having someone with me who was educated, compassionate, and empathetic to my situation made me feel extremely safe and valued as I walked through this scary time of my life.

Alison Hord

I have worked in the field of chemical dependency for several years and helped 100’s of families; however, when a family member of mine needed help, I knew that I was too close to the situation. I called Hired Power to help and within minutes, I had someone working on the care my loved one.

Paige Willard, CRC Health

Thanks again for being there for us and guiding us through some rough waters. Your kindness and genuine concern deeply touched my soul and we are all grateful our paths crossed when they did. You are a truly gifted professional, keep on doing what you do so well.

Linda, California

Thank you for your support. Having someone with me when I went home to talk with my family was more important than I ever imagined. I couldn’t have done it alone.

Client, Dallas,Texas

Returning home to the same situations, the same friends, job and lifestyle were my biggest fears. Having a PRA with me changed all that. I was able to leave my house, go to work, meetings and family outings with the support I needed. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

Client, Atlanta, Georgia

Hired Power has been the only consistency my niece has had throughout this treatment process. Thank you

Family Member, New York

I just want to thank Hired Power for the PRA. He was a perfect match and I can’t say enough…. He was intensely committed. This is the first time I have been clean in over 30 years. Thank you again

Client, Los Angeles
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