Case Management- Professional Coaching With Monitoring Program

Hired Power Professional Sober Coaching with Monitoring Program: A Supplemental Service that provides added support and guidance for clients and family members during the transition into the long term step in the treatment process. This service is individually designed to supervise and support each client and family system as needed.

Professional Coaching Program:

Professional Recovery Coaching (Case Management) is a service that can be provided in support of and in addition to our essential Monitoring Program. Hired Power’s Coaching Program provides face to face or over the phone one to one recovery coaching for client’s and or family members struggling with boundaries or with additional concerns of threat to early recovery. This additional support allows practice of good communication while increasing the commitment and follow through of each party to the overall recovery goals.

Who Benefits from Professional Coaching with Monitoring?

A clean Sober Coach can help establish and implement clear recovery goals for individual clients. Families and significant others can also benefit from coaching support with expectations and boundaries for their loved one in early recovery. Statistics show by improving the quality of structure and communication within the family system, the potential outcomes for sustained recovery for the entire family greatly increase.

Coaching is provided by the Monitoring Recovery Compliance Manager.

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