Professional Eating Disorder Interventions Require Some Planning

The key to successful eating disorder interventions is planning, preparation and professional experience. Organizing a team of family members and friends with a common goal and technique, raises the clients “bottom” and establishes healthy boundaries for families and loved ones to live by. These strategies allow for success that often has been impossible in the past. Eating disorders are a disease, much like drug or alcohol addiction, and it affects the individual as well as the entire family.

Get Treatment Center Recommendations From a Professional

Hired Power is a member of the International Eating Disorder Professionals Organization. We have established working relationships with eating disorder treatment centers and professionals across the country providing our clients with the high level of treatment recommendations and resources.

Left Untreated, Eating Disorders Will Continue to Progress

Eating disorders lead to loneliness, isolation and withdrawal from family, friends and even work. As the disease progresses’ waiting is destructive and even life threatening.

Get Help for You or a Loved One Today!

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