A carefully structured transition plan, guided by a team of professionals including a Hired Power case manager, professional recovery assistant and local clinical provider is essential to your success. This team will provide the necessary level of support and mentoring to increase the opportunity for long term recovery.

As the leading Personal Recovery Assistant Service and a pioneer in the field, the majority of our clients are referred by community professionals, national treatment centers and alumni. Hired Power continues to be the standard of excellence other providers are held to. We have earned this level of national regard with over a decade of professional and ethical standards and experience.The success for a client using a Personal Recovery Assistant Services depends not only on a good personal match with the assistant, but a solid professional match as well. We establish the client’s personal life and situation to their recovery goals and objectives to find the best professional for every client.

As with all our services the process begins with a thorough assessment. This assessment is usually a comprehensive collaboration of information provided by the professional clinicians, client and family information.

Utilizing the assessment, specific goals are created for each individual. There are some common goals we have established through our decade of experience; an effective transition from treatment to daily recovery lifestyle, established community based resources such as clinical support and fellowship. Individualized goals are established for each client and may include: specific long term support/case management, court or child custody issues, travel related issues involving employment, professional and family trips, and public relations.

Each of our clients work not only with the Personal Recovery Assistant but also have a case manager at Hired Power and a local professional provider. This creates a transitional support team that can guide, mentor and advise the client to ensure the greatest opportunity for success.

As with all of our services, the Personal Recovery Assistant Services are entirely confidential. We respect and value a client and family’s anonymity and privacy. We are accustomed to working with a wide variety of professional, high-profile, older and young adult clients and understand the importance of discretion. From community events, social settings with friends and family to work-related events, our Certified Recovery Assistants support clients “behind-the-scenes” as they navigate challenging situations. Often times we are referred to as personal assistants, companions, drivers, friends from out of town, old college buddies etc.

Having served the addiction, mental health and eating disorder communities for over a decade we have established a long list of professional references. We are happy to provide you with these references for your quest in finding not only the right personal Recovery Assistant but the right Company to serve your family.

Hired Power a company you can trust, years of experience and expertise you can rely on and a team of professionals you can depend on.

Reference: William L. White