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Certified Personal Recovery Assistants

When you engage Hired Power Certified Personal Recovery Assistant service, you engage a qualified professional team.


We understand the loneliness and isolation that lifestyle changes in early recovery create. We have developed a team approach to support those changes. Each client is assigned a Recovery Care Manager and a Certified Personal Recovery Assistant to join their identified treatment coordinator and themselves in implementing the necessary changes .


Hired Power’s Certified Personal Recovery Assistants help by providing a road map and personal guide into early recovery. From navigating social situations and establishing everyday routines to attending therapy sessions, we deliver discreet, one-on-one in-home support and guidance.


For Hired Power’s Certified Personal Recovery Assistants, relationships built on mutual trust, respect and support are the keys to success. We create a solid foundation for lasting recovery—and an enhanced quality of life. 


Hired Power Certified Personal Recovery Assistants

Certified Personal Recovery AssistantsHired Powers Certified Personal Recovery Assistants, (CPRA) also known as a sober companion, work with client’s and families to establish a daily living plan for continued sobriety and lasting recovery. Our role of our CPRAs is to guide, support and mentor clients assisting them to apply the information first learned in treatment into daily lifestyles. Our Certified Personal Recovery Assistants encourage and motivate clients to become active participants in their own lives, not only to survive but actually to thrive in recovery. By identifying moments of change, relapse triggers and barriers, CPRAs create teachable moments that influence current/future thoughts and behavioral processes. From attending designated meetings, returning to work or school, or finding a healthy daily routine, our Certified Personal Recovery Assistants are there throughout the entire process.

Our professional team also becomes the eyes and ears for each client’s existing doctor, therapist, treatment coordinator or other key members of the recovery team. Certified Personal Recovery Assistants provide daily communication phone calls with updates and other relevant information so that treatment coordinators can continue to supervise and be involved in their patient’s progress.


Typical needs for Hired Power’s Certified Personal Recovery Assistant Services are:

  • Clients who need additional support as they prepare for and travel to a treatment setting in the form of rehab transport.
  • Clients who need Safe Passage as they transition between primary and extended care treatment settings.
  • Clients who need to leave the treatment setting during the course of their stay due to court or family issues.
  • Clients who need added structure and support while attending an outpatient program.
  • Clients who have been in recovery for a period of time and desire to further their recovery process.
  • Clients who are experiencing on going legal and court issues.
  • In the sports and entertainment industries, we support clients, agents and managers in getting the specialized support and guidance needed in a high energy/ high profile lifestyle. In the business and executive arena, we are utilized by Boards, CEOs, employers and employee assistance programs to successfully implement the identified transition plan of returning to work.

Do you or a loved one need help? Please call 800-910-9299 to speak with a recovery professional.

get help now 800-910-9299

I believe the hardest part of recovery is after treatment, when you step back into the real world. Having a Sober Companion by my side right out of treatment was extra motivation to stay clean and sober. Their staff has a talent of helping you reach your highest potential without being pushy. Hired Power shows they care. They don’t just say they care- they live by it.

Client, Los Angeles

I have worked with Nanette Zumwalt and the Hired Power team for over 8 years in several different capacities; they have continued to uphold integrity and kindness with clients, families and other professionals. I can say that they have been transparent, understanding and honest.

Eloise Gene-Black, CADCII

Hired Power opened my eyes to a whole different way of living. Having someone with me who was educated, compassionate, and empathetic to my situation made me feel extremely safe and valued as I walked through this scary time of my life.

Alison Hord

I have worked in the field of chemical dependency for several years and helped 100’s of families; however, when a family member of mine needed help, I knew that I was too close to the situation. I called Hired Power to help and within minutes, I had someone working on the care my loved one.

Paige Willard, CRC Health

Thanks again for being there for us and guiding us through some rough waters. Your kindness and genuine concern deeply touched my soul and we are all grateful our paths crossed when they did. You are a truly gifted professional, keep on doing what you do so well.

Linda, California

Thank you for your support. Having someone with me when I went home to talk with my family was more important than I ever imagined. I couldn’t have done it alone.

Client, Dallas,Texas

Returning home to the same situations, the same friends, job and lifestyle were my biggest fears. Having a PRA with me changed all that. I was able to leave my house, go to work, meetings and family outings with the support I needed. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

Client, Atlanta, Georgia

Hired Power has been the only consistency my niece has had throughout this treatment process. Thank you

Family Member, New York

I just want to thank Hired Power for the PRA. He was a perfect match and I can’t say enough…. He was intensely committed. This is the first time I have been clean in over 30 years. Thank you again

Client, Los Angeles