The Founder’s story:

Hired Power was founded in 2002 by a woman with passion and a vision. Deborah Felin Magaldi, a leading business owner and professional, knew the difficulties of transitioning newly acquired recovery skills into her home and professional life. Deborah had experienced several of the top treatment centers in the country, yet returning home and maintaining recovery continued to be difficult. With the support of a sober companion living in her home, Deborah successfully overcame personal and professional challenges remaining on the road to lasting recovery. To this day Deborah believes having this service saved her life. Deborah dedicated herself to creating a company that could provide professional Personal Recovery Assistants to others who continued to struggle. At the end of 2005, Deborah passed the reins of her vision to her executive team leader, Nanette Zumwalt. Deborah and her husband Mark returned home to the Rocky Mountains and remain avid supporters and advisers to Hired Power.