Finding Your Hired Power: Bridging the Gap Between Treatment Centers and Living in RecoveryNanette Zumwalt CADC, BRI II, Owner and CEO of Hired Power a bi-coastal company says, her Personal Recovery Assistant (PRA) Program is the next step treatment option “Bringing Recovery Home” building the bridge to lasting recovery.

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Nanette Zumwalt is the new owner/president/CEO of Hired Power, an addiction industry liaison used by leaders in the entertainment management industry and by corporate executives, whether it is a therapist in a local town, an intervention, residential treatment option or individual daily support such as a Personal Recovery Assistant.

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Enter Hired Power, Inc. Headquartered in Seal Beach, Calif., the organization furnishes personal recovery assistants who help mediate between recovering artists and professionals and their networks of physicians, therapists and outreach groups. By acting as the “eyes and ears” of the recovery program, these assistants help keep the process on track.

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Zumwalt’s company, Hired Power, is a leader in the field of placing professionals and personal recovery assistants in a situation to treat addiction, eating disorders and mental health problems.

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Nanette Zumwalt, the director of private staffing at Hired Power, an exclusive treatment support firm located in Seal Beach, California, elaborated on the concept. “A personal recovery assistant is a well trained professional assistant hired specifically to work behind the scenes discreetly with a client to help them navigate the problems specific to any life situation from which they are recovering, or any issue for which they need direct personal support.

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Nanette Zumwalt, former National Director of Community Relations for CEDU Education, announced she has accepted a position as Director of Private Staffing for Hired Power, Inc.

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One company, Sober Champions of Los Angeles, is launching a British operation next month. Hollywood sober buddies tend to be former or aspiring actors who can blend in at parties and restaurants. “It can also help if they have had their own problems in the past,” said Nanette Zumwalt, of Hired Power.

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“Anybody who’s returning to their life after rehab needs added structure and support in that transitioning phase,” said Nanette Zumwalt, owner of Hired Power, a company in Huntington Beach, Calif., that in four years has grown to 70 companions, from 10, working in 15 states.

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“Anybody who’s returning to their life after rehab needs added structure and support in that transitioning phase,” said Nanette Zumwalt, owner of Hired Power, a California company that employs 70 sober companions in 15 states.” – Personal Recovery Assistants – A New Tool to Prevent Chronic Relapse:

Jillian, a recovering addict from Vermont, had just completed a residential treatment program at an exclusive facility in California — her third such facility in as many years. Once again having completed an exceptional private program, she was excited yet anxious about leaving. Thousands of miles from home and without the structure provided her in a residential setting, she was found unconscious in a California beach town hotel room within days of discharge, barely surviving another relapse.


We are very proud and pleased to announce the opening of our East Coast Office in New York and the addition of Amy Burns to our leadership team. Amy, a native New Yorker, will be leading our Development and Care Management office on the East Coast. Amy’s professional career includes over 13 years of business and finance experience as a Vice President of a major investment bank. She comes to us with extensive experience and expertise in care management.