The Hired Power Team

Founded in 2002, Hired Power Transitional Recovery Services was the first company to professionalize Transition Services.

Today, Hired Power is the longest established Professional Transition Service and continues to lead with a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, safety and responsibility. Hired Power is well-known both nationally and internationally for confidentiality, discretion, and anonymity.

The Hired Power team is committed to increasing awareness and providing opportunities for success in recovery to professionals, clients and families. Hired Power provides effective relapse prevention, specializing in Transitional Recovery Services that provide one-on-one support with a unique and innovative approach through Personal Recovery Assistants, Case Management and long-term Monitoring Program Services. Nanette Zumwalt, President/CEO believes that Hired Power provides the answer to bridging the gaps faced in traditional treatment plans.


Nanette Zumwalt CADC, CCJP, BRI II, President/CEO

Nanette Zumwalt is the President/CEO of Hired Power and has worked in the mental health field and addiction recovery for over two decades. Under Mrs. Zumwalt’s care and leadership Hired Power has taken the pioneering role in treating addiction in adolescents, young adults and adults during the high risk and very important transition periods of long term recovery. Hired Power has established and provides professional services, with a gender specific focus, to clients and families. read more


Rick Zumwalt PHD Candidate, Programs & Services Advisor

Mr. Zumwalt’s involvement in Hired Power includes co-creating, with his wife Nanette, the transition care model which Hired Power is currently based on. He has written papers and conducted workshops on bringing recovery home through a professionally developed program such as Hired Power’s. A conversation with Mr. Zumwalt will inevitably lead to how important it is to support the transition from a treatment setting to a supported recovery plan in an individual’s natural environment. read more


Jill Nugent CADC II, BRI I, Team Member

Jill joined the Team at Hired Power, bringing with her 25+ years of experience in direct substance abuse/addiction work, and also her contagious passion of hope in Recovery. Her natural ability of balancing empathic and honest communication allows her a seemingly effortless, immediate gain of relationship and accountability with clients and families. Under the scope of her expertise, Jill is very capable of working with various addictions and/or compulsive behaviors. Jill’s professional skills continue to flourish through almost 10 years of practice inside private treatment settings, and her focused pursuit read more


Monique Edwards QB Pro Advisor, Accounting Department

Monique is a professional bookkeeper with over 15 years of experience in administration, bookkeeping and business compliance. She started assisting business owners as an expeditor reading blue prints, creating estimates, organizing offices and found her solution based thinking made her an asset to whomever she was assisting. read more


Tracy Waters

Ms. Waters recently joined the team at Hired Power after retiring from a long tenure with the airlines as an International Flight Attendant. Tracy was a lead attendant managing many executive and high profile flights. Tracy has built her customer service, management and leadership skills over the years training and mentoring attendants’ in their career development. Prior to her work with the airlines Ms. Waters managed a family focused dental office for several years, working directly with customer service and client care. She brings her organizational skills and attention to detail as a valued and important role in Hired Power. read more


Norton Smith Team Member

Norton Smith joined the Hired Power team in 2012 after retiring from a professional career and spending several years as a primary care taker for his wife. Norton’s professional focus is attending conferences and workshops where he can share the Hired Power Mission. Norton has a passion for people and enjoys walking the conference halls, attending the workshops and having the opportunity to speak with like minded professionals in the field of addiction and recovery. read more


Brandi Bradbury Director of Client Services

Brandi, a Licensed Addictions Counselor, brings with her over 18 years of counseling, supervision, program development and business management experience working within the treatment industry. In her career, Brandi has had the opportunity to work for three of the industry leading behavioral health organizations. Within these organizations Brandi has been recognized several times for her professional, innovative approach and progressive style of management. read more

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