Jill Nugent

Jill Nugent CADC II, BRI I, Team Member

Jill joined the Team at Hired Power, bringing with her 25+  years of experience in direct substance abuse/addiction work, and also her contagious passion of hope in Recovery.   Her natural ability of balancing empathic and honest communication allows her a seemingly effortless, immediate gain of relationship and accountability with clients and families.  Under the scope of her expertise, Jill is very capable of working with various addictions and/or compulsive behaviors.

Jill’s professional skills continue to flourish through almost 10 years of practice inside private treatment settings, and her focused pursuit of learning through further education and counseling licensure.

Jill’s previous work within the addictions industry includes wilderness treatment for young adults, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, monitoring and intervention.  Jill is a pioneer in the development of monitoring programs within the continuum of addiction treatment.

Jill, her best friend/husband Dave and their son Jack live in Southern california.  As a family they share much enjoyment in the musical arts, time camping, hiking and at the beach.  In addition Jill’s personal interests and hobbies are strongly rooted in her community and involvement focused on bettering the society in which she lives.