Laura Crossett

Laura Crossett, CADC-II, ICADC, CRS Recovery Case Manager

Laura proudly serves as the Monitoring Case Manager for Hired Power. Laura joined the Hired Power team in January 2015, and it has felt like the perfect fit from the start. Laura made the decision to enter the field of addiction and mental health treatment by following her inner voice that had been nudging her towards careers in recovery for several years. Laura share her own experiences:

“Because I got clean and sober at the age of 35, I had plenty of experience from my past that I felt would be helpful in guiding others towards making healthy choices for their own futures. My recovery journey has been the best nine years of my life. As I have navigated my own recovery, I have learned firsthand the scope of addiction and the impact it had on my family, my health, and my choices. By working with clients struggling with addiction, alcoholism and mental health on a daily basis, I guide and support these healing souls as they begin their own journey on the path of recovery. By assisting clients to create personal recovery capital through accountability for their own sobriety program, and gaining responsibility for themselves and their personal and professional relationships I am able to support their efforts for long term successes.

My heart also goes out to the families, I make myself available to parents, spouses, and all loved ones, as they also put back the pieces from the wreckage that addiction and mental health often leaves behind. Since I communicate with my clients and their loved ones frequently, the family unit is able to have up-to-date sobriety monitoring data, providing this information to them, families become able to break free of the doubt, distrust, and fear that once ruled their lives. I love to acknowledge my clients’ big sobriety milestones as much as I enjoy celebrating their smaller daily victories. It truly is a gift to wake up every day knowing that my clients and families trust that I understand their struggle, and that I am always here to support them.”

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier