Rick Zumwalt

Rick Zumwalt PHD Candidate, Programs & Services Advisor

Mr. Zumwalt’s involvement in Hired Power includes co-creating, with his wife Nanette, the transition care model which Hired Power is currently based on. He has written papers and conducted workshops on bringing recovery home through a professionally developed program such as Hired Power’s. A conversation with Mr. Zumwalt will inevitably lead to how important it is to support the transition from a treatment setting to a supported recovery plan in an individual’s natural environment. He believes, as a whole, the field of substance abuse treatment requires a transition care model to bridge the gap between teaching recovery and living in recovery.

Through Mr. Zumwalt’s experience as a collegiate and professional athlete, police officer, professor, counselor, coach and father he has personally experienced close friends and family that have been dramatically affected by substance abuse. Some individuals never recover and others only do so with support during the transition to life long recovery. Mr. Zumwalt’s education and professional background include MS in Counseling, PhD in Psychology. He has worked with individuals as a substance abuse counselor and lead multifamily groups in various settings. As a Community College Professor he taught degree requirements for life long learning curriculum through life skills and career counseling courses. He also coached for several seasons at the community colleges; winning championships. Mr. Zumwalt unique background helps bring a professional innovative approach to Hired Power.