Alternative Sentencing/Court Reports

It is often that individuals with substance abuse/addiction and mental health issues also have legal issues. If you, your client or loved one has criminal charges pending, involving substance abuse or addiction related issues, our Alternative Sentencing Services may be extremely beneficial. The end goal being to minimize possible jail time and work with the courts to identify alternatives to incarceration by providing written treatment recommendations and options. As a Certified criminal Justice Addiction professional we will do a complete assessment with the family, professionals and client when available. Our primary concern is to provide appropriate treatment recommendations for the client and provide accountability to the courts. When deemed beneficial, our professionals are often available to attend the court proceedings with you.

Hired Power’s commitment to the client and families do not end in court, we provide continued ongoing recovery sober support with direct Safe Passage to treatment. This service is preferable and often required by the court when alternative sentencing has been arranged. Certified Personal Recovery Assistants, Recovery Care management and the Essential Monitoring Program are also high viewed upon long term continuation plans for clients.

  • DUI
  • Possession
  • Child custody issues
  • Substance abuse related behaviors i.e.: violence, destruction of property, vandalism, disorderly conduct

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