Ocean County Health Department (OCHD) Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Unit
recognizes April as Alcohol Awareness Month and addresses the abuse of alcohol
throughout the year.  Daniel Regenye, Assistant Public Health Coordinator,
stated, “Alcohol is a factor in the four leading causes of death among persons
ages 10-24; motor-vehicle crashes, unintentional injuries, homicide and

             The OCHD Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Unit is one of the
facilities that administer the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center where those
convicted of driving under the influence attend classes for at least two days.
The program is designed to educate those convicted and to assess their
drug/alcohol abuse problem.  Regenye added, “Driving while under the influence
of alcohol was listed as a major contributing factor in 22% of all fatal car
accidents in Ocean County.”
            Alcohol abuse contributes to a wide range of health
consequences, including communicable diseases, cancer, diabetes and
cardiovascular disease and also has been associated with increased risk of
traumatic injury including motor vehicle cases, bicycling accidents,
pedestrians, falls, fires, injuries in sports and recreational activities,
interpersonal violence and self-inflicted injuries.
            Freeholder Gerry P. Little, Liaison to the OCHD, stated, “The
Ocean County Board of Health not only recognizes April as Alcohol Awareness
Month but encourages all residents to support efforts that will encourage
recovery throughout our community.”