For decades now, the world has known Robert Shapiro
as the famous attorney in the media spotlight who is well known for
attracting celebrity cases. But in the 1990s, Robert and his wife
Linell, were fighting to overcome a family issue of their own: their
son Brent’s dependence of alcohol. When Brent reached his early 20s, he
was turning his life around. He was nearing graduation at the
University of Southern California (USC), planned to go into law school,
proposed marriage to his girlfriend and was enjoying 18 months of
sobriety. Then came the evening of October 8, 2005. Brent decided to
experiment with alcohol and the drug Ecstasy. He became ill but his
thought he could sleep it off. Brent was buried two days later.

Brent’s family was able to turn their grief into passion to help
others. They started The Brent Shapiro Foundation (
to honor Brent’s life, but more importantly, to create awareness about
the disease of chemical dependence.  
Recently, Mr. Shapiro spoke with BHC
about his son Brent. He also spoke
about the tools and events provided by The Brent Shapiro Foundation to
help other families prevent or overcome alcohol and drug dependence
among their children. Click
to listen to or read Mr. Shapiro’s heart-felt story.