Dr. Stephen Sideroff, Clinical Director of Moonview Sanctuary and assistant professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, contributed an article to Leadership Excellence (www.leaderexcel.com) this past May that is both powerful to our personal lives and to the lives of those we help to transition into a lifestyle of recovery.

Heart of Resilience looks at a nine-component model of resilience, "which creates a comprehensive picture of personal functioning that leads to optimal performance with manageable stress"

…… At the heart of the matter is management of stress. While stress helps to motivate and enhance focus, it also results in sleeplessness, tension, and burn-out.  Although you may recognize stress, you may be powerless to manage it, whether because of its biological importance and facility in creating focus or its use in masking underlying emotional issues. People who lack self-acceptance are often the most driven to push themselves far beyond functionality.

Download the entire article hereDownload heart_of_resilience.doc

Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D.


Clinical Director


Moonview Sanctuary






Assistant Professor


Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences


University of California, Los Angeles







Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics


Malibu, California