Can You Build a Tolerance to Xanax?


Are you worried that Xanax (alprazolam) is not as effective for you as it was before? Could it be that you are developing a tolerance toward Xanax? Let us take a look at dependence and addiction in relation to Xanax.

Amount Taken

Tolerance to Xanax does not affect the speed at which the medication works or the duration of the effects; however, it does make a difference to the amount of Xanax you need to take for the desired effect. As you develop a tolerance to this drug, you need to consume it in higher doses.

If, with the existing dose, you are unable to control the symptoms of anxiety and you need to take a higher dose to calm your nerves, then in all probability you have developed tolerance toward alprazolam.


A tolerance; however, is not the same as addiction. Tolerance to Xanax is a medical situation that doctors factor into their treatment protocol. Over a period of time, the body does not respond to alprazolam as before. Your body may develop a resistance to the effects of Xanax in a month. It is also possible to develop a physical dependence on the drug in around the same length of time. The chances of dependence are greater if you begin with a high dose of Xanax.

Usually, doctors prescribe a low dose of Xanax to begin with. This is in the range of 0.25-0.5 mg. This dose is slowly increased till the patient experiences relief from anxiety. As tolerance to alprazolam develops, doctors may increase the dose. Sometimes, a dose as high as 10 mg is prescribed so that the patient may get the desired relief.


Xanax tolerance can only be lowered by gradually reducing the dose. When this is done, you can no longer get the anxiety relief you seek, which is not a very pleasant proposition for people who suffer from anxiety attacks. It takes time for the tolerance to subside, particularly for people who have been taking this drug for a long time. If you have anxiety problems and find that Xanax is no longer as effective, consult your doctor for an alternative. Changing over to another medication is an option. You could even explore the possibility of a totally different treatment methodology.

You can develop a tolerance to this drug with brand name Xanax or with generic alprazolam. Your body will adapt quicker to Xanax if you take it in higher doses; it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions on the dose.

Physical Dependence

Tolerance for Xanax often develops alongside a physical dependence for the drug. It is, therefore, important that you control Xanax dependence in a planned manner and in consultation with your doctor. It is important to know that dependence and tolerance are not the same as addiction. An addiction is characterized by a strong psychological urge or cravings to consume Xanax.

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