Is It Really A Rocky Life OR Is It Necessary and Constant Transformation?

Pain and struggle will always be present through any transformation process. To readily come in to acceptance of this is quite the challenge, but it will allow you to live free and will also allow you to be prepared for life changes. Growing pains offer us a chance to appreciate life and give us the opportunity to utilize our personal experience to help others. The trouble with this ache in our soul while experiencing growing pains, is that we don’t see the outcome right away (the result of transformation). The tools that are offered through this painful, yet necessary process are (if we choose to utilize them):

  1. Remind yourself through intense pain, that from this, you will gain awareness, insight, infinite wisdom, and the ability to practice allowing the pain “to be” instead of resisting it. This will allow you to lead a much more comfortable existence through transformation. It will offer the opportunity to reflect rather than to obsess, and can allow an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with a Higher Power rather than to blame it.
  2. Understanding and accepting that transformation is a necessary part of life.

All transformation will require growth, which in return leads to the next awakening in your life. Your life is a series of transitions and the number one way to find any peace at all through transformation is accepting that all of life is subject to change at any time. This means that you must create grounding within yourself, be connected to your passions, goals, and dreams, so that when life seems to be up in the air, you will not have to be up in the air with it. You will be firmly planted and rooted to the ground allowing the transformation to fall around you and land where it should. We have a choice; to abandon self-care and see transformation as a life crisis OR to create an extra-large blanket of self-love and see transformation as an opportunity of excitement and hope.

From pain we will always gain. Your reaction to pain will determine your appreciation for the transformation process. Discrediting pain, is discrediting growth and possibility.

A fun exercise for all of you ocean lovers to practice: Go out to the nearest ocean. Step into the water. When you see the first wave coming, I want you to fight it and resist it. Force yourself not to let it knock you over. It may charge fiercely at you, but I want you to fight it anyway. After that, I want you to reflect on how much effort that took just to fight the current. Most likely, you got pretty exhausted and perhaps got a little roughed up! Now…there is a second part to this exercise. Go back to the same ocean and the same spot. DO NOT resist the wave this time. Let it take you. Let it crash over you, and let your legs go (obviously, do not go anywhere that is rocky! Baby waves may be best for this exercise). Notice how you may be very afraid, but how much freedom comes with letting go. You will end up exactly where you need to go and will notice by not fighting the current, no energy was wasted!