Budder is a concentrated form of THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis (marijuana).

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Comparison with Other Cannabis-Related Drugs

is reported as being the purest cannabis product available, at anywhere
between 82% and 99.6% THC/CBN/CBD[1], making it several times more
potent than the buds of the cannabis plant that are usually consumed
(5%–15%). One hit of Budder is supposedly equal to 1 – 2 full cannabis
joints. Also the high is reported as being more clear and longer
lasting than “average” marijuana.

Method of Use

is the primary method of consumption, and is performed by first heating
a piece of metal with a propane torch, or with a budder-kit which
consists of a butane torch with a small strip of metal attached and
designed to be heated when the lighter is lit. A minuscule amount
(about the size of the head of a pin) of the budder is applied to the
heated metal. This will result in gaseous THC and other cannabinoids
being released, which can then be inhaled. You can also use charcoal
(found at most middle eastern stores used for hookahs). You use a
pin/dentist tool(found at hardware stores) to scoop the budder and drop
onto the coal. You can use a plastic pop bottle with the bottom cut off
as your hooters.


The effects of budder are
reasonably fast-acting and long-lasting, and similar to the effects of
smoking cannabis. Initially, the user may experience a sharp increase
in body temperature and heart rate. The user will then enter a mellow
and soft state of mind for several hours, whose effects can include but
are not limited to:

* auditory and / or visual hallucinations (however not anywhere near as strong as psilocybin/LSD)
* random stream of consciousness-like thought patterns
* disconnection / separation from outside events
* paranoia
* hunger

effects subside after 3 or 4 hours, depending on dosage and THC
tolerance of the user. Some effects can still be felt after 8 hours,
and in some cases users can feel “burned out” the next day.

is extremely potent and sometimes has a delayed “kick-in” time before
it reaches its full effect. The result of this is that users can
overconsume and then be overwhelmed by the extreme effect of the drug.

Method of Creation

is made by whipping in air and freezing isomerized hash oil.
Isomerization is an additional chemical step that converts the delta
9-thc to delta 6-thc activating a lot of the normally non-active


1. Beautiful Budder article at cannabisculture.org
2. Article mentioning Budder at The Vancouver Sun

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