While some research has shown moderate drinking of alcohol can actually have several health benefits, a new study shows the risk of stroke goes up immediately after having a drink.

The research claims any kind of alcohol, beer, wine or liquor, could double your risk of stroke in the hour after you drink it.
The study looked at the behavior of 390 stroke patients, and found that
having one drink of alcohol lead to increased risk of stroke 2 times,
immediately after consuming an alcoholic beverage.

can't pin-point exactly why this is, but say alcohol increases blood
pressure and may cause blood to clot abnormally. Both of those factors
can increase the risk of stroke.

Researchers say people who drink
more often continue to have that higher stroke risk, but if you just
have the one drink your risk goes back to normal a few hours later.

The report said more study is needed and the findings should not deter moderate drinking.

Others studies have said moderate drinking over the long term may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

According to a Georgia Stroke Awareness Study, strokes were the third leading cause of death in Atlanta and the rest of Georgia. To learn more about strokes, check out the Stroke Survivor, a Web site dedicated to stroke survivors and caregivers. It was developed by participants of the American Stroke Association’s Peer Visitor Program of Atlanta, Georgia.