This November we asked our staff what they are most thankful
for. They were quick to answer with inspirational and heartfelt statements.
Some are short and to the point, others are more colorful and detailed. We hope
you enjoy reading them and that you are inspired to take the time to identify
what you are most thankful for. Leave your comments and responses below to express your gratitude!


What are you most thankful for this holiday


Amy in New
York-I am thankful for the health of my family, new
hope in this country and my dog Brintly.


Rick in Orange
County,CA – I am thankful for
good friends, good times, true love, a healthy happy family and a beautiful

Monique in Orange
County CA – I am thankful to wake
up in the morning to my daughter Nyla and that I am reminded to laugh and be

Lisa in Ca-  What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Wow, there sure is a lot. Most of the
time, we just complain about how life is unfair and all that we tend to forget
to simply stop and thank God for the simple things
… things we take for granted. I thank Him for my family, my friends and my
loved ones. I am thankful for our safety and health. I guess I would like to
thank Him for LIFE.

Laura M in Utah-  What I am most grateful for this holiday season
is “Chapter 5” and the many many gifts those pages have brought to my life. I
am thankful beyond words to my best friend who believed in me enough to teach
me willingness. I thank God for my children who keep me present and my family
who keeps me humble and…… I am tremendously grateful for cheesecake!

Deanna in San
Diego, CA- I am thankful for my
sobriety, family, choice and integrity

Tom in Florida – I am thankful to be happy and joyous and grateful to be free.

Sam in LA I am thankful
for health, sobriety, family, a great life, music, sports, southern CA weather,
beaches and mother-nature.

Dirk in Palos
Verdes CA – I am thankful for the gift’ of each new day.
I’m thankful that my wife loves me just the way I am. I’m thankful our kids are
healthy, safe and free.

Robert L in LA –
I am thankful for a roof over my head , food in my cupboard, friends and family
who truly know and can count on me, waking up in the morning with a clear head.

Lori in LA- I am thankful for the work that enables me to live other women’s lives and keep
my own. I am thankful for my beautiful family which expended by one this month.

Victoria in Newport Beach, Ca- I am thankful
for the close family ties I have as a result of god’s grace and mercy upon my

Stacey in LA-I am thankful for the usual things- family, friends, health- but this
thanksgiving I am especially grateful for the ability to make choices, and for
choosing to participate in my own life on a daily basis.

Jack in Huntington
Beach CA- I am thankful for my
ability to appreciate what I have and the opportunity to sometimes see.

Scott in CA- I am thankful for the new direction in the U.S.with the election of Obama Republican or Democrat the U.S.made world history by electing the first black man as President.

Nancy in Florida- I am thankful for my
health and those that I love, my husband, children and grandchildren. Without
good heath none of the other things are possible. I am also grateful to be able
to give back to others, travel and live life to the fullest. What a blessing it
is to be around those in recovery and seeking a better life for themselves.

Monique2 in Orange County, Ca- I am thankful we are
all talented in different areas and I’m thankful mine gives me the ability to
help others reach their goals and full potential. I am thankful for my family.

Charles in New
York-I am thankful for my health, family friends and
many opportunities life has to offer. When I drank I never traveled, since
getting sober I have traveled through Europe and Asia alone and I remember it.

Partick in Dana
Point, CA- I am most grateful for my sobriety, children and health.

Rae in New York – I am grateful that I have an opinion. I am
grateful that I can now see the light. I am grateful that we have a wonderful
new president. I am grateful for life. I am grateful that today I want to give
myself to others, that I am sober, that I am free, that I live in a world of
endless possibility. I am grateful that I know the universe can feel its soul.
I am grateful to work for a wonderful company that works to save others who

Robert M in Idaho-I am thankful that my spirituality has really grown. I am relying on God to
take care of my relationships, my family and the things I need. My daughter has
straight A’s – she is on fire. My son loves to ride his skateboard and is happy.
I am having faith this holiday season.

Kat C in LA- I am grateful I can sing a 47th Happy Birthday! More importantly, I
am grateful I am not a turkey!:-)

Robert W in  N. Cal-T his year I am thank-filled with the presence of change in a vast perspective, from globally to interpersonal.  Thankfulness implies gratitude, gratitude is an action. The question I pose is: What I am I willing to DO to show my gratitude for the life I have come to terms with above and beyond the cost of the meal? Let us give thanks for our love shared and our service given.
Laura C in LA- matters of
the heart:family, friends, home, work, health. maybe it is hum-drum,
but I have lived on the wildside and am thankful for living through it
and now being able to live and love life and the very basic needs and
wants of it.
Diana W in LA- I am grateful to be celebrating 11
years sober and the gifts I have been given are sharing myself, love,
experiences, strength and hope with others. YA GOD!
Chris Z in New York- I.m grateful for a recovery where each day I’m given the opportunity to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.
Nancy N in LA- I am grateful for my sobriety,
that the obsession has been removed. I am grateful that I’ve become
trustworthy and human and am welcome in my families home for
thanksgiving dinner. I am grateful that I learned early on in sobriety
that there is no task in front of me as great as the power behind me,
which has enabled me to stay sober for 25 years thru whatever has
crossed my path. I am grateful for my life and that I’ve been able to
give back what has so freely been given to me. 🙂

Lori T in San Diego, CA- This Thanksgiving I am grateful for my recovery, my health, my family and my friends.