Dealing with an addict or alcoholic can be heartbreaking. Often families, friends and loved ones seeing an addict enter treatment are filled with hope that the sufferer is finally going to get and stay sober. Sadly, they are far too often crushed when the individual comes home and falls right back into the same unhealthy behaviors as before and relapses. For many addicts and alcoholics inpatient treatment becomes a place to reset and get physically healthy before, despite their best intentions, going back to drinking and drugging upon returning home. This doesn’t have to be the case. We can help.

Finding a sober companion in Southern California during the transition into sober life is the perfect way to break this cycle and create the accountability needed for long-term sobriety. Hired Power is based in Huntington Beach, California, and specializes in finding a sober companion in Southern California for those addicts and alcoholics who are ready to break the pattern of relapse and experience the joy that is a life in sobriety.

For over twelve years ago, Hired Power has been helping addicts, alcoholics and their families navigate the often treacherous waters of early sobriety. Hired Power provides essential monitoring services like ensuring 12-step meetings and therapeutic appointments are attended and administering random drug screens to the client. Hired Power knows that people facing addiction and alcoholism can be any age and from any background. That is why every client gets to be part of their own treatment and work with their case manager to set their own individual goals. Anyone can experience the serenity that comes with a life in recovery. So whether the addict or alcoholic in question is a student, CEO or celebrity, Hired Power will help them create a life that it is conducive to recovery.

If you are interested in finding a sober companion in Southern California to help you down the path to long-term sobriety then contact Hired Power today. We can help!