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Finding Your Hired Power: Bridging the Gap Between Treatment Centers and Living in Recovery

Learning to recover from addiction and alcohol abuse

Huntington Beach, California 8/06/2008 10:33 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

In an era of growing demand to achieve and become great at what we do, daily pressures can get to the best of us. We see it more and more on the pages of magazines, in the news, where even the rich and famous succumb to what has been demanded of them. Addiction is an issue that crosses all lines affecting people with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling, eating disorders and other life threatening issues.

What was once a shameful thing, to be hidden behind family walls is now a very public, growing epidemic with no social or economic boundaries. Thanks to the brave public figures like presidential First Lady Betty Ford and other industry pioneers there are many treatment options and
programs for individuals struggling with addiction issues such as drug abuse, alcoholism and eating disorders.

Nanette Zumwalt CADC, BRI II, Owner, and CEO of Hired Power a bi-coastal company says, her Certified Personal Recovery Assistant (CPRA)

Program is the next step treatment option “Bringing Recovery Home” building the bridge to lasting recovery.

In light of the available statistics, less than one-third of the addicts who seek addiction treatment, achieve it on their first attempt. Many relapse several times before maintaining recovery or worse succumbing to their addiction. Almost always, the relapse occurs at home, on the job or on the road, despite participating in treatment programs.

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