The biggest reason people give up on certain aspects in their lives is because they tend to look at how far they need to go VS how far they have actually come.

“Glass half-empty” or “Glass half-full?” Yes, I know you can always find something to “nit-pick” about in your life, but I want to challenge you to ask yourself that question again. Living in the “Glass Half-Empty” suggests what you have is “not enough.” Living in the “Glass Half-Full” suggests “more than enough” and alludes to gratitude, the souls primary advocate. I will give the “Glass Half-Empty” credit for being so easy to obtain, but is easy going to help you reach that feeling of fulfillment you ache for when you lay your head down at night? SAD NEWS FOLKS! The answer is no. Everyone loves instant gratification, but soon thereafter obtaining this “quick-fix”, that fleeting feeling will vanish and you become lost in the defeating chase of insanity. Join me for a moment over by the “Glass Half-Full.” There is more than enough in this glass. It could be completely empty, with nothing left at all. What if, just what if, shifting your perception to “Glass-Half Full” were to create optimism? This can create an opportunity for you to ride the wave of fulfillment and joy opposed to drowning slowly in that “Half-Empty” cup of despair.

Timothy McKinney, inspirational writer, wrote a fascinating article spot-lighting the “Glass Half-Full.” What he shared was not about the importance of your material possessions creating fulfillment, but about how you chose to view life as a whole that would fill this endless void within. He explained that there are 6 simple ways to reach and gain this plentiful “Half-Full” cup of optimism. There are:

1) Never comparing yourself to others
2) Looking for positive signs everywhere in your life
3) Changing your focus
4) Listen to uplifting music
5) Detach from outcomes
6) Stop saying you’re a pessimist

If you are unsatisfied with how your driving your life’s vehicle these days, you are now offered a chance to keep it simple. Today you can shift gears to create an alternate route leading to new and colorful views. The most incredible part about the “Glass Half-Full” is that it is YOUR CHOICE to create a new view point and nothing or nobody can get in the way of the except yourself.