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A Sober Companion Provides Alcoholism Help

What Is A Sober Companion?

Returning home from treatment, the addict trades a secure, drug-free environment for one rife with problems and temptations. A sober companion
helps take treatment home with the addict. For as long as the addict
needs, he or she will have a 24-hour personal assistant dedicated to
developing a good foundation in recovery. A sober companion spends huge
amounts of time with the addict: full work days, work nights, or
extended periods during which the sober companion is by his side 24
hours a day. This can go on for weeks or months at a time.

Alcoholism Help

A sober coach helps build confidence by giving the addict a new
experience in situations which would previously have led to relapse.
Along with the coach, the client will explore, in depth, those areas
where the client has little or no experience in “saying no”. The drug
and alcoholism help
includes transporting the client to and from every location throughout
the day. The sober coach will make sure the clients’ environment is
drug free at all times, including home, work, and elsewhere. This is
particularly helpful for individuals prone to relapse.

Entertainment Business Alcohol Intervention

A Sober Companion can provide a wide range of services from entertainment business alcohol intervention,
to rehab companionship, to the transition to sober life after rehab.
Returning to normal life after detoxing from drugs or alcohol is the
most difficult and dangerous step for the recovering addict. Every
precaution should be taken to prevent relapse, as every time an addict
relapses it makes the likelihood of another relapse increase.  The
sober companion provides the crucial link between the safe environment
of rehab and the tricky life of an entertainer or business executive. A
sober coach is devoted to helping you succeed  in your recovery.

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Hiring Power – In The Aspen Times: A unique solution helps a repeat DUI offender regain his life

Finding Your Hired Power: Bridging the Gap Between Treatment Centers and Living in Recovery

Learning to recover from addiction and alcohol abuse

Huntington Beach, California 8/06/2008 10:33 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

an era of growing demand to achieve and become great at what we do,
daily pressures can get to the best of us. We see it more and more on
the pages of magazines, in the news, where even the rich and famous
succumb to what has been demanded of them
. Addiction is an issue
that crosses all lines affecting people with drug abuse, alcohol abuse,
gambling, eating disorders and other life threatening issues.

was once a shameful thing, to be hidden behind family walls is now a
very public, growing epidemic with no social or economic boundaries.
Thanks to the brave public figures like presidential First Lady Betty
Ford and other industry pioneers there are many treatment options and
programs for individuals struggling with addiction issues such as: drug
abuse, alcoholism and eating disorders.

 Nanette Zumwalt CADC, BRI II, Owner and CEO of  Hired Power   a bi-coastal company says, her Certified Personal Recovery Assistant
(CPRA) Program is the next step treatment option “Bringing Recovery
Home” building the bridge to lasting recovery.

light of the available statistics, less than one-third of the addicts
who seek addiction treatment, achieve it on their first attempt. Many relapse several times before maintaining recovery or worse succumbing to their addiction. Almost always, the relapse occurs at home, on the job or on the road, despite participating in treatment programs.

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Treatment Magazine – Addiction Industry News


ATIN – 04/18/08 – Hired Power, the Southern California-based provider
of “sober companions” that help people who have recently graduated from
treatment to stay clean and adjust to a sober lifestyle, is expanding
the East Coast, company CEO Nanette Zumwalt announced.

Says Zumwalt: “We are very proud and pleased to announce the opening of our East Coast Office in New York and the addition of Amy Burns to our leadership team. Amy, a native New Yorker, will be leading our Development and Care Management office on the East Coast.
Amy’s professional career includes…… read more here

COUNSELOR MAGAZINE:  Personal Recovery Assistants – A New Tool to Prevent Chronic Relapse

……….The strong support network built in treatment is not utilized, the client’s commitment and willingness dissipate, and for these individuals it is not a question of if they will relapse, but when. For these people and the treatment professionals who work with them, a new concept is emerging — one that has been shown to provide a valuable link from being in treatment to living in recovery. “The concept of a person in established recovery helping one in early recovery is clearly not a new concept and is a tenet of the 12-step philosophy,” states Nanette Zumwalt, Director of Private Staffing, Hired Power Inc. According to Zumwalt, a personal recovery assistant program serves as a professional extension of treatment — a link in the chain of the continuum of care.

Celebrity Access Industry Profiles

Nanette Zumwalt is the new owner/president/CEO of Hired Power, an addiction industry liaison used by leaders in the entertainment management industry and by corporate executives, whether it is a therapist in a local town, an intervention, residential treatment option or individual daily support such as a Personal Recovery Assistant.

Editorial Emergencies Hired Power: A Bridge to Recovery

Enter Hired Power, Inc. Headquartered in Seal Beach, Calif., the organization furnishes personal recovery assistants who help mediate between recovering artists and professionals and their networks of physicians, therapists and outreach groups. By acting as the “eyes and ears” of the recovery program, these assistants help keep the process on track.

Pollstar Magazine CIC 2005 Conference Staying Clean and Sober on the Road

Zumwalt’s company, Hired Power, is a leader in the field of placing professionals and personal recovery assistants in a situation to treat addiction, eating disorders and mental health problems.

Facility Manager Title: “Personal Recovery Assistants: A New Took in Facility Management”

Nanette Zumwalt, the director of private staffing at Hired Power, an exclusive treatment support firm located in Seal Beach, California, elaborated on the concept. “A personal recovery assistant is a well trained professional assistant hired specifically to work behind the scenes discreetly with a client to help them navigate the problems specific to any life situation from which they are recovering, or any issue for which they need direct personal support.

Struggling Teens Title: Seen & Heard: Zumwalt Joins Hired Power, Inc.

Nanette Zumwalt, former National Director of Community Relations for CEDU Education, announced she has accepted a position as Director of Private Staffing for Hired Power, Inc.

Sober buddy to keep Wilson on the wagon

One company, Sober Champions of Los Angeles, is launching a British operation next month. Hollywood sober buddies tend to be former or aspiring actors who can blend in at parties and restaurants. “It can also help if they have had their own problems in the past,” said Nanette Zumwalt, of Hired Power.

A Companion to Protect Addicts From Themselves By MIREYA NAVARRO

“Anybody who’s returning to their life after rehab needs added structure and support in that transitioning phase,” said Nanette Zumwalt, owner of Hired Power, a company in Huntington Beach, Calif., that in four years has grown to 70 companions, from 10, working in 15 states.

Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drugs and other Addiction Services, Inc.(TAADAS) June 2007 Newsletter

“Anybody who’s returning to their life after rehab needs added structure and support in that transitioning phase,” said Nanette Zumwalt, owner of Hired Power, a California company that employs 70 sober companions in 15 states.”