How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

Marijuana affects the entire body including the mind. The effects vary by individual but overall it is possible to experience a variance in length of time a marijuana high lasts. How an individual chooses to administer marijuana and introduce it into the system also impacts the duration of time a high effects the system.

Marijuana Effects

The quality of marijuana, administration and individual body system all factor into the high a person may experience. When ingested orally, the effects may be more mild but can last longer than several hours. A first time user of marijuana may not necessarily feel the same effects as a person who uses marijuana on a consistent basis but effects range from euphoria and panic to no effects at all. One thing that has been seen through tests is marijuana is shown to reduce dopamine in the brain. Some of the factors which affect the psychoactive effects of marijuana may include:

  • Age, height, weight and overall health
  • Amount of THC found in the dose
  • Use of marijuana with other drugs
  • Environment
  • Method of administration
  • Levels of tolerance to marijuana and THC
  • Personal expectations
  • Previous experiences or exposure to marijuana
  • Type of cannabis strain

Marijuana In the Body

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient in marijuana which enters the body’s bloodstream rapidly after smoking marijuana. If ingested orally, it may take longer to be absorbed into the blood (20 minutes to 1.5 hours). THC is rapidly metabolized with approximately 65% excreted in feces and over 30% leaves the body via urine. THC is noticeable up to 3 days from the last dose of marijuana. Chronic uses may be detected weeks or months after last use. A single human hair may exhibit presence of marijuana for up to 90 days minimum.

Lasting Effects of Marijuana

Minutes after a person ingests marijuana, effects are noticeable. Peak levels are hit around 30 minutes with most physical and psychological effects of marijuana returning to normal within 5 hours of use. The duration of a marijuana high is extremely dependent on many factors including whether use is chronic but generally marijuana highs last approximately 2-3 hours. A typical high lasts 2 hours; oral ingestion of THC can trigger a high lasting for some time longer (4-6 hours). Psychomotor impairment can remain after the initial high effects have worn off. Most commonly these effects are irregular time tracking, hand and eye coordination or memory gaps.

Each individual experiences a marijuana high differently in terms of duration and intensity. Many factors play into this but it is important to note there are inherent dangers in continuing to smoke marijuana on a long term basis which can affect the physical and mental aspects of a person’s being. Help and support is available for those who may be struggling to quit smoking marijuana.

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