Hired Power specializes in Huntington Beach alcohol recovery, with services extending beyond the Huntington Beach area. The trained and certified staff at Hired Power are well versed in the many facets of addiction and alcoholism, as well as eating disorders and other psychological disorders. With specialized and innovative care, Hired Power provides confidence in long-term recovery to those struggling with addiction. They provide the client with a continuation plan to help ensure success and stability within the new world of recovery.

There are many treatment facilities in the Huntington Beach area, but what distinguishes Hired Power from the rest is their ability to provide innovative transitional services. While many programs focus on inpatient treatment, Hired Power specializes in the aftercare process. Certified Personal Recovery Assistants are matched with clients on a personal and professional level. The success and stability o f the program has been maintained through strict confidentiality and safety precautions.

After transitioning from treatment, clients work with a Personal Recovery Assistant who will walk shoulder to shoulder with them through the reintegration process. Becoming acclimated to societal norms and learning how to function sober is difficult for many suffering from addiction. Having a sober companion provides strength, courage, and determination, and most importantly, has been proven successful in maintaining long-term sobriety.

Unfortunately, many recovering addicts and alcoholics without a continuation plan relapse, which makes the success rate after treatment extraordinarily low. Deborah Felin Magaldi started the transitional program in 2002 with a determination to end the relapse trend. She has an intense passion for helping others in need, and makes certain that those on her Higher Power recovery team are just as devoted. She understands the challenges of trying to apply newly acquired recovery skills into daily life because of her own personal experience with addiction. She was able to maintain sobriety and function successfully by allowing a trained sober companion to live with her. Founder Deborah Felin Magaldi believes whole heartedly that this approach to long term recovery saved her life.

Many people in the public eye utilize the services of Hired Power, and are able to do so with the strictest of confidentiality. Huntington Beach alcohol recovery can be complex, public, and daunting, but with the aid of Hired Power and their guarantee of anonymity, there is hope in living a long-term sober and successful life.

If you are seeking Huntington Beach alcohol recovery services, Hired Power is here to help. Feel free to contact us anytime.