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In most cases of alcohol or drug addiction, a form of intervention is needed to stop the drinking or using. Loved ones, employers, friends and even legal issues can properly intervene on the addiction and compel an individual to get treatment. After treatment is completed, additional help and services are needed to assist with the transitional stages of the recovery process. At Cirque Lodge, we work with a number of professionals and intervention services that help with recovery and support. Intervention can be a means to getting a loved one into an alcohol or drug rehab program. Such services can also be a means to transition back into sober living and long term recovery after addiction treatment is completed.

Nanette Zumwalt CADC II, BRI II, CCJAP

Nanette Zumwalt has worked in the alcohol and drug addiction treatment and support industry for over 20 years. Her efforts provide custom and confidential support and recovery services for those who lead high-profile lives. She has worked with many clients and treatment providers in all phases of the recovery process. This can begin with intervention and with help and support through the transition process of sober living. The focus is to provide a tailored effort to meet the individual needs of the client and what they require for recovery.

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