Self Magazine online highlights the dichotomy between sex addiction being real or not real. Between all the details, they highlight a few special points to understand. First, they emphasize, the problem isn’t about proving whether or not sex addiction is real. “The fundamental problem,” the article explains, “is that experts can’t nail down a definition for what ‘sex addiction’ really is, and therefore disagree on whether it is even a diagnosable disorder. What people experience with their lack of impulse control in regards to sex is considerable. However the specifics required to diagnose a disorder make it difficult. Sex addiction doesn’t need a label. An official label will help to ensure treatment and begin to create equality rather than stigma.

Second, the article points out, those who do not support sex addiction as a valid mental health disorder “believe that a sex addiction diagnosis may occlude deeper issues with sex or mental health.” Regardless of someone’s beliefs, a psychological professional has to treat their patient if they present a troubling impulse problem with sex. Lastly, the article emphasizes, diagnosis or not, the entire mental health community wants one thing for patients who are struggling with this issue: “To help people resume a healthy sex life.”

Arguments Against Sex Addiction

  • It isn’t the same as hypersexuality
  • It isn’t the same as nymphomania
  • There is a lack of research suggesting its validity
  • There is a lack of empirical data to support research
  • The American Academy of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists released a statement in 2016 asserting their position that sex addiction, as well as porn addiction, cannot be classified as a mental health disorder.

Arguments For Sex Addiction

  • The World Health Organization classified “Other sexual dysfunction not due to a substance or known physiological condition,” to include sexual desire and nymphomania.
  • Addiction experts witness the life-altering compulsion of sexual activity in their clients and the way it reflects the addiction cycle in the brain

Symptoms Of Sex Addiction

  • Preoccupation with sex, sexual activity, and sexual fantasy
  • Disruptions in work, life, performance, and relationships due to sexual activities
  • Failing health due to excessive sexual activity
  • Loss of money due to paying for sexually related activities
  • Failing mental health due to consequences in life resulting from uncontrollable compulsion
  • Turning to sexual activity to cope with painful emotions and experiences
  • Inability to control, manage, or stop compulsive sexual behaviors.

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