Narconon Drug Rehab in Georgia warns that ketamine abuse can have deadly effects.

"We have seen many cases where ketamine, or ‘Special K’, has been abused by teens because of its hallucinogenic effect," comments Mary Rieser, Executive Director.

"What many teens don’t realize is that Ketamine can be very addictive and can cause death.

"Ketamine can be purchased on the internet, so be aware of your child’s internet activity. don’t let them become another Ketamine casualty."

Ketamine is a rapidly acting general anesthetic. Its pharmacological profile is essentially the same as phencyclidine. Like PCP, ketamine is referred to as a dissociative anesthetic because patients feel detached or disconnected from their pain and environment when anesthetized with this drug. Unlike most anesthetics, ketamine produces only mild respiratory depression and appears to stimulate, not depress, the cardiovascular system.

In addition, ketamine has both analgesic and amnesic properties and is associated with less confusion, irrationality, and violent behavior than PCP. Use of ketamine as a general anesthetic for humans has been limited due to adverse effects including delirium and hallucinations. Today, it is primarily used in veterinary medicine, but has some utility for emergency surgery in humans. 

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