image of a person with their hands up to the sky in a beautiful sunset - living in gratitude - hired power - recovery assistance services When you think of the word gratitude, what comes to mind? Sometimes us human beings tend to get wrapped up in the daily grind of life and forget about what we really and truly are grateful for. Living in gratitude means being in a constant, conscious state of connectedness with gratitude – not only thinking about it, but also practicing gratitude as a way of life.

Showing gratitude through actions is so very essential. We could all make gratitude lists of the people we are grateful for, however most of them would not even become aware of how grateful we are because we don’t always express this feeling through actions. Little, simple, gestures, such as sending a card in the mail to your mother, sending flowers to a romantic partner or friend, picking up the phone to call someone that has impacted your life in a positive way, but you do not talk to often, expressing your appreciation through gestures such as a hug or even a smile- all of these are simple and sweet ways to positively affect another person.

Gratitude can be a mindfulness meditation due to the fact that it’s a way of life- you create what you want to be. We never know how we are going to impact someone’s life for the better by taking some of these simple suggestions. However, we are creating what most humans wish they had or wish how people would feel about themselves and others- appreciated.

The readiness to show gratitude is always available and easy to access at any point throughout your day. There is a saying, “You’ve got to give it away to keep it.” This saying means the more you give freely without expectation, you will in return receive a reward-an internal richness that no material could match.

This article could be your navigator on your gratitude journey. You will find helpful tips and ways to apply gratitude in your every day life which will lead you to the path of enlightenment. Enjoy!