photo of a lense being held up to the eye by two fingers - looking through gratitude lenses - hired power blogGratitude is significant in many positive ways that humans may or may not be aware of. It has the ability to strengthen relationships with yourself and others, can improve your physical health, and can greatly reduce toxic levels of stress that stand in the way of a useful and productive life. This powerful word serves as an opportunity to view life through a positive perspective rather than to dwell in the negative reminder that we repeat to ourselves; “What I have is not enough and what I have is not the right kind!”

Creating a Colorful Perception of Life

When life doesn’t go as you planned, it’s most important to remember every situation that occurs in life will always have an outcome of empowerment and wisdom. This demolishes any ideas the ego creates, that do not serve us in any sense. If you find that you are consistently hand in hand with negativity, possibly consider that you may be to “comfortable in the uncomfortable.” Negativity is very easy and readily available. When you see a lady in line at the grocery store that is angry because the store attendant wont ring her up fast enough, it is because her negative reaction is very easy for her. She is unable to tap into compassion for herself at that time, which means she cannot have compassion for the store attendant. Life offers many perceptions and we get to create which lenses we want to wear and which ones we need to discard. Negativity depletes gratitude and deflates its significance in this life. What we do not realize is that we take an internal hit for this if we don’t appreciate and practice gratitude. You will come to find you have had multiple pairs of different perceptions your entire life and have been dedicated to only one or two of these. While you are in line at the grocery store today, you may feel angry that the store attendant is slow. You have control over how you react. When you are gentle with yourself today, you will find that you will be gentle with the store attendant and thank him for his services to you. At that moment, you will have impacted someone’s life for the better, yours included.

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