Industry Profile: Nanette Zumwalt

— By Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen

Nanette Zumwalt is the new owner/president/CEO of Hired Power, an addiction industry liaison used by leaders in the entertainment management industry and by corporate executives, whether it is a therapist in a local town, an intervention, residential treatment option or individual daily support such as a Personal Recovery Assistant.

By providing one on one support, Hired Power Transition Recovery Services provides a unique and innovative approach to working with the impaired professional, says Nanette, who has extensive experience in the therapeutic field.

"The most important focus is on our ability to support artists, managers, agents, their families and other members of their teams during transition times or high risk times such as returning home from treatment, returning to the road or attending activities and events that include old patterns and behaviors," she says. "I am able to link people with the services they need."

As a leading consultant in the addiction field, Nanette creates a bridge between the struggles of addiction and living in recovery. Through her knowledge of connecting resources, she is able to provide the necessary tools to increase the efficacy of treatment for addiction. Hired Power addresses the needs of people in all phases of recovery by recognizing the importance of personal assistance in facing the world without drugs or alcohol.

Nanette began her work in mental health and addiction treatment as a teenager. She worked with a local non-profit organization providing "therapy through theatre," being part of a peer counseling group that also did plays and workshops on drug, alcohol and date rape issues. After returning from college at Arizona State University, she began working with an adolescent detox treatment center in Orange, Calif. There she developed her skills working with young patients and families as they struggled with the consequences of drug abuse and addiction.

Nanette then went to work for a psychiatric hospital working again with youth and their families, providing educational groups and workshops on parenting skills, daily living skills and addiction education. Soon she took her skills to the community. Nanette began working for the hospital as a community liaison, creating awareness of local resources for mental health and addiction services. She began to facilitate the connection between professionals and families finding local and national treatment for both adolescents and adults. This work took her to an organization that provided schools and wilderness programs for "out of control" teenagers allowed for a solid base of awareness of treatment centers, programs, schools and professionals for youth, adults and their families.

Nanette has toured and visited more than 200 treatment provider campuses across the country and internationally. As a leading consultant to the addiction field, she continues to work with these and many professionals creating interventions and treatment plans for clients and families. Throughout her work Nanette recognized the gap in treatment services, the transition process. Clients and families continued to struggle with the recovery process as they attempted to return home from treatment, often times leading to the necessity of additional treatment interventions and placements. In 2004 Nanette began her work with Hired Power Inc. continuing to develop the concept for the need of transition services.

Nanette has been and continues to be involved with a number of professional associations such as: Association of Intervention Specialists (2005- 2006), California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (2005-2006), National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs affiliate (2000-2006), Orange County Board of Supervisors Mental Health Adult Services Committee Chairman (2001), Orange County Mental Health Association Advisory Board (1996-2001) and Folie A Duex Auxiliary- Founder and President (1998-2002).

She has spoken about staying clean and sober on the road at the 2005 Billboard Touring Conference and at other industry events. Her articles have appeared in the IAAM magazine (June 2005), Counselor Magazine (August 2005) and Recovery Today (September 2005).

Nanette can be reached at: 877 hired pwr or 877 447-3379; e-mail:

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