Oxycontin Addiction and Prescription Drug Abuse– FDA Approves New
OxyContin formula. Prescription drug abuse is a very serious thing, and
there has recently been an approval of harder to abuse oxycontin
prescription drugs. Oxycontin includes oxycodone, a very potent opioid.
It is commonly prescribed for pain management.

Each tablet has a high dose of oxycodone in it, and it’s designed to
be slowly released into the body for 24 hours. The newer tablets
prevent the pills from being crushed, chewed, or broken – which is
something that those abusing the drug do to get a higher dose into
their bodies faster.

Although the drug has been approved by the FDA, the manufacturer
Purdue Pharma must study and prove that the tablets are less
susceptible to abuse than the original formula.

Prescription drug abuse is a big problem.  WebMD reports that
hospitalizations for opioids, tranquilizers, and pain killers rose 65%
from 1999 to 2006. Jeffrey Coben who was a leading researcher in the
study says that “deaths and hospitalizations associated with
prescription drug misuse have reached epidemic proportions.”

IT will be interesting to see how pharmaceutical companies react to
these alarming statistics.  Do you think we can expect to see more
“tamper proof” versions of commonly abused drugs on the market in years
to come?


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