The addictive drug heroin affects many parts of the body in its destructive use. Heroin can affect the opioid receptors and disrupt the endorphin production. This creates an intense euphoria in the user while eliminating any physical pain that would normally be felt. Heroin also depresses the central nervous system and spinal cord which slows motor functions and relaxes the body to dangerous levels. In addition, it can depress dopamine pathways in the brain that also creates a rush of euphoria and false warmth through the body.

If heroin is used for a long period of time, the drug can lead to dependency, and the body will rely on heroin to be able to function normally. Your mind won’t be able to think properly without it. Other physical symptoms that heroin can cause are a dry mouth, nausea, and vomiting. Heroin is a dangerous drug, and taking heroin just one time can result in overdose or death. This drug differs greatly between people, making it impossible to predict how it will react in your system. If someone pressures you into trying heroin, know the risks. Heroin can rewire your brain quickly, and you can become addicted after just one dosage. Tolerance can occur after extended use, which means that you need more of the heroin to get the same high as before. Although alcohol increases your high, it also increases the chances that you will overdose or die. In addition, do not rapidly increase the dosage of heroin because it drastically raises the risk for overdose.

The heroin high depends on many factors, especially how it is introduced to your body. If the heroin is injected into your bloodstream, the high will usually appear within 6-8 seconds, and it will peak at about 10 minutes. If you inject it intramuscularly, you will begin to feel the effects within 5-8 minutes. Sniffing or smoking the drug can take 10-15 minutes. The high follows a general formula for how long each section lasts. The extreme high lasts between 45 seconds and several minutes. The peak lasts 1-2 hours, while the general effects will wear off after 3-5 hours.

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