Recovery Begins in Your Mind

Recovery from drugs and alcohol is a life altering experience. There’s a lot to do to stay sober. Going to meetings, meeting new friends, and removing short comings are all part of recovery.

Your mind also has a lot to do with your recovery. Recovery is a new way of thinking and coping with life. Recovery really begins with the way you think. In fact, studies have shown that being open minded has a big impact on how successful treatment and recovery is.

Having an attitude of gratitude is a great way to stay focused on your recovery. When you look at your world through a lens of gratitude. Gratitude has a funny way of keeping you humble and open minded. You can stay grateful by trying to look at the positives in your life. Yes, life has ups and downs but you are alive, have shelter, family, friends, and recovery. When you look at life this way, your chance of relapsing decreases.

Coping with cravings or thoughts to use can seem over powering, especially in early recovery. However, a thought is just a thought. You don’t have to act on your thoughts. Instead of being overwhelmed with a craving, think through the craving. Ask yourself if there are any stressors that you can avoid. Try to tell yourself that these thoughts are not fact. Tell yourself that you are in recovery now and using or drinking is not in the equation.

Learning to confront distorted thinking. This is part of recognizing that thoughts are not always factual. Confront distorted thoughts head on. For example, if you’ve ever told yourself that you can’t stay sober, say the opposite of how you feel. Use some of these positive affirmations when you are feeling self doubt:

  • I can stay sober
  • I am a new person
  • I don’t use drugs or alcohol anymore
  • I have a new life
  • I am worth the effort
  • I am not my thoughts

All in all, recovery is challenging at first. With time and practice, sobriety becomes second nature. You can do this!

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