Recovery Can Repair your Reputation

Recovery gives you an entirely new purpose to life. When you were in active addiction, chances are that you did things your not exactly proud of. Don’t beat yourself up. There are ways to repair your personal and professional reputation. Recovery is the number one method to repairing any past damage that may have been done to your reputation.

You don’t have to live in regret. Part of recovery is forgiving yourself and moving forward. If you believe that addiction affected your reputation, there is a solution. Recovery can repair your reputation at work, with family, and with friends because you essentially become a new person.

Recovery is deeper than not using drugs and alcohol. Recovery goes beyond the surface and changes your character, your sense of purpose, and the way you interact with others. When you work a recovery program, you will be faced with being honest with self. You can’t be truly, deeply honest without changing who you are as a person.

Your values and characteristics may change in recovery. You will still have the personality that makes you uniquely you. However, recovery has a way of changing your goals and priorities. Your goals in recovery are sobriety and helping the newcomer. Once you start helping others, a profound inner change occurs. Many recovery programs believe that helping others is really a way to help yourself and keep you sober.

You aren’t responsible for family, friends, and acquaintances reaction to your recovery. You’re only responsible for your side of the street. Once you become sober, part of your program is to make amends for some of the things that happened in active addiction. Making amends is not meant to make you live in guilt. Rather, making amends is about freedom from past mistakes and wrongs. Making amends and continuing to live by the principles of recovery ishow you repair your reputation.

With time, your colleagues, family, and friends will start to know the real you. The recovering, honest, free person that you will become will be apparent to anyone who meets you. Living in freedom with a positive reputation is one of the gifts of recovery.

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