Recovery is a Process, Not a Single Event

Recovery is a process the same way that becoming addicted was a process. Most likely, over time you watched yourself go from a casual user or drinker to someone who needed alcohol or drugs to function. Because addiction was such an intricate process, your recovery is a process to undo the years of self-harm and move towards long-term recovery.

The 12-step program offers a daily reprieve from active addiction, not an instant cure. You have to make a choice everyday to take the steps necessary for continued recovery. The meeting you went to yesterday won’t help you next week. The conversation you had a month ago with your sponsor or mentor won’t give the encouragement you need next year.

Recovery is a process because it entails so much more than not using drugs or alcohol. You have to first recognize that using drugs or alcohol is not benefiting you. After you acknowledge this aspect, you may decide to go to treatment. Treatment and detox is a place where the toxins clear out of your body and you begin learning how to stay sober. Recovery does not end there, because there is so much more to learn.

After treatment, it’s time for you to go back home and live your life. However, you still need to learn and practice the tools of recovery. You will learn some basic skills for sober living if you go to treatment, but there is still a lot to learn. Once you leave treatment, you can begin going to 12-step meetings, support groups, therapy, or get connected with a recovery assistant. A recovery assistant is like a guide for your recovery.

Even after all of these steps, your recovery does not end there. You need to make positive connections, learn how to handle the ups and downs of life while also staying focused on your recovery. Essentially, you have to learn how to live life on life’s terms. You can stay stay sober, you can recover, but it’s a process not a one time event.

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