Recovery is Easier When you Have a Roadmap: Recovery Assistants

Recovery can seem like foreign territory. If you are new to recovery, you may feel anxious about not knowing what step to take next. This is where a recovery assistant comes in to save the day. Anytime you start a new project, task, or goal, it can be really helpful to have an instruction manual or roadmap. Recovery assistants are exactly that. Having your own recovery assistant helps take the guesswork out of your new, sober life.

Recovery assistants walk with you every step of your early recovery journey. They can even be with you for as long as you need. Loneliness and anxiety are normal parts of early recovery. Remember, you are learning an entirely new way to live. Your recovery assistants understand the challenges of recovery. Your recovery assistant won’t leave you until you have the skills in place to accomplish your recovery goals.

Recovery assistants can come to your home, help you set goals, and establish new patterns. Your recovery assistant will help you figure out where your pitfalls are, and sometimes they will just listen. Your recovery assistant is like a coach, helping you figure out your playbook for recovery.

Making it through social, work, and family situations can feel overwhelming in early recovery. Your personal recovery assistant will be with you as you start the journey of letting go of the past and moving towards a healthier future. Personal recovery assistants help you establish a clear plan with achievable goals. Recovery success rates increase when there is a clear treatment and aftercare plan in place.

Recovery assistants can assist various types of clientele. Hired power is competent in working one on one with executives, athletes, and anyone who wants a new challenge. Hired Power also works with people who are leaving treatment, entering treatment, and court mandated clientele.

Recovery assistants provide accountability. Accountability is important in recovery because it encouraged honesty and openness. Your personal recovery assistant will help you stay focused and on track. There is no concern too big or too small that your recovery assistant can’t help you face.

Hired Power are experts at connecting you to the tools you need to figure out what recovery is all about. Through our range of innovative services and resources, you can stay sober. Contact us now at 714-559-3919. Let us help you figure out the right steps to take.