It would be easier if you could find a book from someone who claims to know everything about recovery and has the secret to never relapsing into drug and alcohol use or other harmful behaviors again. There are in fact such books. There are many. Many people claim to have a secret, a profound way to experience the life changing alterations which will change everything forever and never have to go back. You can find these books in sections of bookstores titled “personal development” and “self-help”. Many parts, theories, philosophies, and activities in these books are helpful. However, there is no one way to recover. There is no secret, no formula, and no cure. What we have when it comes to recovery is a variety of treatment methods, therapy models, healing modalities, and lifestyle changes which help reprogram the brain to think differently, act differently, and make different choices. That is recovery. Recovery is not a quick fix. Recovery is a lifestyle which lasts a lifetime. Living in recovery is being willing to do the work necessary every single day to continue staying sober, maintaining health, and not regressing into old, destructive behaviors. The key is work. Recovery is work, takes work, and when you do the work, recovery works. You have to be willing to do the work and the work will work for you.

Think of it as a promise. Many addicts and alcoholics have experienced the insanity of promising themselves every day that today, they wont drink or do drugs. Finally, one day, after years of torment and disappointment, something changes. It isn’t necessarily that they are willing to recover and stay sober. The shift happens when they become unwilling to continue suffering. Every day that you spend sober is a day you keep that daily promise to yourself. You promise yourself not to pick up, not to drink, not to use drugs. You’re also promising yourself not to go back to the pain, loneliness, darkness, and chronic struggle that is active addiction. The more you keep your promises to yourself about your recovery, the more you can trust yourself to keep them. Days go by without the fear of picking up and using because you’ve proven to yourself over and over again that you can do it.


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