When you first consider taking the steps towards recovery, it can seem unknown and overwhelming. You may even think that recovery is a lonely road, without any enjoyment. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Sometimes recovery involves letting go of old relationships with people who use or drink. Other times recovery means supplementing your circle with others in recovery. In the beginning of your sobriety, putting some distance between you and people who use is wise. With that being said, you can’t completely avoid everyone. There are lessons that can be learned from all relationships. The key is to protect your recovery and stay focused.

However, until you have the tools to withstand urges, you should protect yourself with more positive, sober relationships. Recovery is essentially all about relationships. AA and NA use the power of sponsorship, meetings, and sober friends to help you recover. The 12-step program can be a life changer and really show you a new way of living. There are also groups and non 12- step based meetings that use mentors and like-minded relationships to help you in your recovery.

Recovery is neither a punishment nor mundane one. Recovery is about getting your life back. There are so many experiences that you can have in sobriety. You will be able to take charge of your life, make amends for the past, and learn how to have strong relationships with your family and loved ones. Recovery is not about what you lose. Recovery is really about all the wonderful moments, relationships, and experiences that you gain.

Even though recovery may seem foreign now, give yourself a chance because you’re worth it. One of the benefits of using 12-step programs for recovery is that you get a new sense of community. You may want to give meetings a try.

The truth is that you just can’t recover alone. Attempting to stay sober alone will prove detrimental to your efforts. Recovery is all about building new sober relationships, repairing broken relationships, and enjoying your new sober life. Take a chance on yourself and call Hired a power to learn more about the journey of recovery.

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