Recovery Necessitates Support

Addiction effects all areas of a person’s life. Their professional life, their personal life, and everything in between. The physical effects of addiction can be extreme and intense, but the emotional effects can be just as harmful. An effective treatment plan must address both the physical and the psychological effects of addiction.

The Study of Addiction

In 1978, a study referred to as the Rat Park Study was conducted to analyze the power of drug addiction on rats. Rats were given the option to consume water laced with morphine or plain water. The rats were tested in two contrasting environments. First, they were tested in solitary confinement and next they were tested in a situation where other rats surrounded them. In all instances, the rats that had other rats with them for companionship chose plain water over morphine. The rats in confinement chose the morphine. The results of this study are incredibly impactful and significant in the way addiction is treated today. Companionship must be addressed in a successful treatment plan. The study speaks to the incredible importance of having someone by a client’s side when faced with addiction. It illustrates the value in having a team of people supporting the client throughout the process of recovery and when dealing with both the physical effects and the emotional aspects of addiction.   

Addiction Services

When dealing with the emotional aspects of addiction, Hired Power has several resources that are available to offer personalized support for the client and their loved ones. Each service is personalized to the specific needs of the client and their loved ones, and provides a different level of support to ensure the best recovery experience possible. Personal Recovery Assistants offer educated sober companions to lean on during difficult times and to help the client stay focused on their recovery. Teaching accountability and responsibility, Personal Recovery Assistants reinforce healthy choices and lifelong habits that strengthen the client inside and out. Recovery Care Management is made up of a variety of customizable services such as Monitoring Case Management, Community Case Management, Alternative Sentencing Planning, and Court Reports. These services can be tailored for the client to meet specific needs and to provide the most appropriate level of support possible.

Addiction is unique to the person it effects and there is no one-size-fits-all answer for recovery. One common thread among people dealing with addictions is the need for companionship and support. Hired Power offers both of these things to both clients and loved ones through an experienced, professional service.  Call Hired Power today for information on our renown recovery services, in addition to our many other recovery services designed to help you and your family bring recovery home. 714-559-3919