In recovery, we encounter people, visit places, and deal with things such as our emotions or our routines.  Addiction affects every part of our lives and determines who we see, where we go, and how we interact with the world.  Once we enter a program of recovery, we will need to change who we see, where we go, and how we deal with life in general.

In order to change the people, places, and things in recovery, we must first identify these areas to effectively manage them.


Most of the individuals we associated with in our addiction were other addicts or those we socialized with at parties or other events.  We typically associated with those who provided access to our drug of choice or who we engaged in the activity of drinking or using drugs.  Individuals in recovery might have a hard time separating from those they were involved with during the addiction; however, it is necessary to make a clean break from these harmful individuals.  In recovery you will want to establish new relationships with others who support your recovery efforts.  Negative relationships can jeopardize your recovery and could lead to relapse.  Unless someone you knew wants to engage in recovery themselves, they do not have your best interests at heart.  If you find that it is difficult to remove these people from your life, find someone to support you.  Often you will not need to have a conversation with them, as you can just walk away.  If you think you may want to connect with others who you used with, consider your motivation for doing so.  It is best to walk away from those who do not support your recovery.


There are places that you visited when you were in the throes of your addiction including casinos, bars, nightclubs, large social events, or private parties.  It is not realistic to give up all places, as you will need to leave your home.  Keep in mind, alcohol is available in most food establishments and served at most work and social functions.  The same can be said for drug addicts, as there are locations where you purchased and used your drugs.  Avoiding places that serve alcohol is not realistic, as alcohol is available nearly everywhere.  However, you can avoid places where you used to drink and have extra support for those times when you eat out or attend parties.  You can choose new places to meet friends like a park or invite friends to your home.  These are small steps but soon can add up to better choices to increase success of your recovery efforts.

Other Things

Living a life of sobriety takes work but the work is rewarding.  There are things that will require change outside of people and places.  Your routine is something that you follow without much thought, which might need changing in recovery.  You will need to manage emotions to avoid boredom or complacency, both of which can lead to relapse.  Learning to engage in other activities and keeping busy are ways to break out of your old routines and patterns of behavior during recovery.

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