Recovery Will Help you Perform Better at Work

Researchers estimate that drug and alcohol use can cost millions of dollars per year for the American worker, as a whole. There is a myth about the possibility for functioning drinkers or substance users to exist. Contrary to this belief, there really is no such thing as a truly functioning substance user.

Consider this, alcohol and drug use affects all aspects of your life. Addiction affects your family, your self esteem, your future, and your job. Because of drug and alcohol use, you may have started to be tardy or absent, co-workers may be suspicious, and the quality of your work has most likely suffered.

Recovery is a personal decision. The rewards of recovery will touch every area of your life, including your work and career. Imagine the feeling of not being hungover or ashamed at work. Imagine being fulfilled again in the work that you do. After all, you have spent so much energy and dedication to your career. Don’t allow addiction to take away all of your passion and drive.

When you were in active addiction, you may not have consumed substances at work, but the effects of use were still there. Addiction affects your mind and body. Addiction is responsible for mood changes, difficulties in concentration, and energy loss. Once you begin recovery, you’ll feel positive changes in your clarity and focus soon after getting sober.

You will notice a transition period, but that won’t last forever. Drugs and alcohol will completely leave your system within a few weeks or months. Soon after, your mind will get clear and your drive will improve. You’ll want to get connected to supportive services or a recovery support program to improve your chances at avoiding relapse.

Relapse does not have to be part of your story. In fact, there are many people who have never relapsed, so don’t believe that recovery won’t work for you. Imagine looking back after a year or two and being amazed at how much has improved in your life and career. Work and career is an important part of your life, so why not give it your all. Give recovery a chance today.

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