Despite how hard we work to achieve a positive outlook on life, the road in front of you can often be confusing and challenging. Becoming aware of why life may be so challenging for you is key. With awareness, action can be taken to get past these roadblocks and experience the essence of gratitude. Our perception of society or society in general is why we may have a disconnect from appreciating anything in life. We can become so caught up in “how we should be” rather than how we truly want to be. This can cause internal troubles.

Seeking external solutions for internal troubles will ALWAYS lead to disappointment

Sometimes people seek instant gratification to distract themselves from their internal troubles. Human beings are offered various opportunities in a lifetime to face the truth about themselves. They can chose to accept reality and face it, rather than continue ignoring what needs to be addressed. Fear, the evil and corroding thread, can distract people from facing the truth about themselves. In order to breakaway from the fear you must create a partnership with yourself and tap back into a grateful heart. Furthermore, the human ego can create these roadblocks.

Linda Douty, a creative and inspiring writer on spirituality and life addresses these roadblocks and how to work through them. These roadblocks include Discounted Thinking, Comparative Thinking, Guilty Thinking, Ego-Centered Thinking, and Depressive Thinking. Once we break through these roadblocks, hope can be found. When hope is found, a light seems to beam onto that fulfilling path we have always longed for.

Don’t fret! Hope is available to all human beings who wish to seek it!

Getting in our own way and allowing others to stand in our way, are the only true roadblocks. Not facing these roadblocks can cause us to build a protective shield. What we do not realize is that this protective shield does not allow us to live life to the fullest or have an open heart. Despite these roadblocks, there will always be an alternate route. The first step is to move out of your way, take the actions you wish to take, break through these seemingly challenging roadblocks, and allow life to handle the details.