Treatment can be stressful for adults, not to mention youth seeking help for addiction. Anxiety, stress, fear and other emotions are at a peak level as the great unknown lies ahead. A treatment center may feel oppressive and difficult to digest what is about to happen. Safe Passage is a program designed to help individuals with the transition period travel safely, make preparations and get to the treatment facility with more ease and less anxiety.


Safe Passage

A Certified Personal Recovery Assistant can provide safe transportation while accompanying a teen to and from the treatment center to home. The service provides a necessary support to the youth who is at risk of relapse by entering the home environment while in treatment or may refuse to return once at home. Young people who return home during treatment face challenges such as how to pack all the necessary medications, access airport or transport hubs and experience stress during delays or changes to the schedule. An assistant may provide a calming presence and a source of comfort as well as a logistical tactician who makes sure the individual gets to the next destination safely. The goal is to ensure the overall safety of the youth while in transit and at the home base.


From Home into Community

A youth transitioning from home to another place such as a hospital, court or jail requires an assistant to make sure the difficult tasks are completed as needed. Individuals faced with risks of determining the complicated procedures alone may relapse under the stress. Caring professionals who share the same goal of providing safety and assistance during transportation can make the process run more smoothly.


When to Use Safe Passage

Safe Passage is used to provide peace of mind for the individual in treatment, family and others involved. The goal is to keep the experience safe and less overwhelming. The following are ways in which Safe Passage can support an individual in treatment:

  • Make travel arrangements while managing travel costs and details for a safe, secure transition
  • Communicate vital information to family, friends and professionals
  • Travel to an individual’s home or current place of residence to assist with preparations
  • Accompany individual to door of drug and alcohol treatment or mental health setting
  • Other situations as presented

The overall goal of Safe Passage is to ensure the safety, security and sobriety of the individual being moved. It is important that a person who is charged with taking care of the individual be present and focused on the youth to ensure everything goes smoothly. Rates of relapse go down when Safe Passage is used to support a youth in transition. For this reason, it is a recommended resource in the overall care of a youth in treatment.

Hired Power provides Safe Passage for individuals in treatment. If you or a loved one are seeking support for addiction, call us to find out how we can help you get the resources you need to make the transition safely and effectively.