Allow me to introduce you to Soberlink, a monitoring service founded in 2010, catering to the accountability of those seeking abstinence from alcohol. Soberlink has been a genius invention in the field of addiction for multiple reasons.

Gaining trust back from your family members and loved ones after a relapse or a “good” alcohol bender can be a massive challenge to say the least. Families and friends want visual evidence and proof that the identified patient (alcohol user/abuser) is not continuing on the same path of destruction and still acting out in their alcoholic antics.

There is no possible way you can tell if the alcohol user/abuser is continuing on the destruction train if there is no accountability. Just when you think there is no hope, Soberlink saves the day! And not only that, they create hope for the families as well as for the patient (who most likely by this point feels hopeless and defeated). In families who are gravely afflicted by The Master Masquerade, Alcoholism, trust is severed and enabling becomes the family’s drug because they are unarmed with educational facts on how to deal with their family member/loved one.

What Soberlink offers is a complete lifestyle change accompanied with compassion, kindness, and accountability. This genius invention offers an automated and customizable system that allows probation agencies to efficiently monitor alcohol offenders. Secondly, they offer monitoring services while the client attends residential treatment, which gives extra support and accountability to achieve a higher sober success rate. Lastly, one of the biggest reasons this company is so helpful is because they incorporate a family component where accurate test results are supplied to the family members to ensure that the patient is indeed abstaining from alcohol. This is a win-win combination of accountability and comfort-ability.

Soberlink offers a risk-free trial up to a 90-day period. You are provided with a specific account manager who will assist in answering any questions in regards to this unique, monitoring service. There is a lot of hope when it comes to success and accountability using Soberlink.

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