Sign that says "now" with an arrow pointing to the right that says "tomorrow" and an arrow to the left that says "yesterday" - staying in the present moment - hired power - recovery assistance servicesBe here, because the time is now!

People seem to assume that their primary focus should be on their future plans, the “next best thing”, what will happen with their work performance in the next two weeks. Or, instead of assuming what their primary focus should be, they are consumed by it – it being projecting certain fears that may be manifesting in their lives, not being able to control the outcomes in certain situations, or not being able to accept and genuinely appreciate themselves which in return creates a vision of complete unhappiness. This leaves people completely robbed of a true present moment experience.

It is a natural instinct for human beings to disconnect from the present moment, but there is a solution to this seemingly detached state of mind. Taking the actions to create positive self-talk or daily mantras to live by, are exceptional ways to bring you back into a grounded, present, state of mind. People have complete access to bringing themselves back to the present moment only when they allow themselves to. Being out of the present moment is such the norm for humans that it almost seems it has become an addiction of it’s own- addicted to the past and addicted to the future. This unhealthy obsession creates the strong disconnect from being in the “here and now.” Kenrik Edberg, writer and blogger, brought hope in an uplifting article on ways to return to the present moment.

These ways included practicing being present which helps create a clearer vision in life and creates focus, staying in the moment creates calmness which severs the tie that holds you back in your past, and practicing positive self-talk to replace negative thinking. Focusing on what is right in front of you is when you start to see life for what it truly is and accept the way your life unfolds. When we live in the past and the future, we play the role of “The Mind Reader.” ASSUMPTIONS=DISTORTED PERCEPTION. An easy way to start practicing being in this present moment is to say to yourself today, “Oh the wonderful possibilities that lay before me, one step at a time!”

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