There are a number of reasons why a teenager might try drugs. Peer
pressure is one of the leading causes, which cause teens to experiment.
When a normally responsible teen hears over and over again from
their friends, "Hey, it's just one pill (hit / drink). Don't
be such a stick in the mud," chances are that they will eventually
cave in and try it. Seeing the acceptance of their peers, they will
try it again and again. Eventually, they are hooked and teen drug
addiction takes hold of their lives.

No specific profile exists for a teenage drug user. The stereotypical
hoodlum or bad boy doesn't apply anymore. Teen drug addiction can
be found in the high school cheerleader or valedictorian just as
much as in the class troublemakers. Drugs do not discriminate. That
is why parents or other adult role models need to effectively communicate
with teenagers. Teens may appear not to listen, but they definitely
hear what the adults are saying.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, some parents live in their
own little world and think that teen drug addiction is not going
to touch their family. The fact of the matter is that no matter
how good of a parent or role model you are, teenagers may still
experiment with drugs. Teenagers are by definition at an impressionable,
delicate stage in their lives. Taking risks allows them to escape
from the daily pressures in their lives. Whether it is pressure
from a hateful bully, non-attentive parent, divorce in the family
or being overwhelmed with excelling at school, all of this can add
up to having a teen vulnerable to using drugs to escape.

Sometimes, regardless of a parent or role model's valiant
efforts, teen drug addiction still takes hold. Because not
everyone is schooled at identifying drug abuse, here are a
few warning signs in teenagers that might signal drug use:

  • Moodiness or behavior issue
  • Change in appetite and sleeping pattern
  • A new set of less-than-desirable friends and/or old friends
    stop callin
  • Failing or dropping grade
  • Losing weigh
  • Missing valuables or money in the home (teens could be
    selling stuff to get drug money
  • Secretive

While these are not all the warning signs, anything that
seems different or uncharacteristic of the teenager should
be considered. The only way that the teen drug addiction cycle
can be broken is through consistent, calm intervention of
a trusted adult. If a teen is already into drugs, then rehabilitation
and counseling are very well necessary in order to get a teen
back on track again. There are many rehab programs available
just for teens who have chemical dependency issues and are
worth checking out for those who need help now.