The Comedown From Meth

meth addict

meth addiction

What Does a Meth Comedown Feel Like?

When it comes to comedowns—the unpleasant sensation of a drug high wearing off—crystal meth is a force to be reckoned. A meth comedown is characterized by a range of effects opposite of the stimulating high that predates it. Meth causes feelings of grandiosity and invincibility, but after the drug wears off, users experience lethargy, increased appetite, paranoia, and profound depression.

Smoking just a tiny quantity of meth can carry users to the top of the world, only to pull them deep down to the lowest of lows.

How Intense Is a Meth Comedown?

Not even cocaine withdrawal holds a candle to what meth addicts experience when they can’t get their fix. Once you smoke crystal methamphetamine, you will probably want more, either to get high again…or just to escape the comedown.

As with any addictive drug, meth users develop a tolerance. When they increase their dosage, it’s usually to get to the same level they were before. Still, the dosage is larger, and so the comedown does get stronger. Constant fear of that comedown prompts addicts to smoke more and more crystal meth, which makes them more and more dependent. There is

How Can I Avoid a Meth Comedown?

Meth is incredibly powerful. No matter how little of it you use, you will experience a comedown of some degree. Avoiding this means beating the addiction—not trying to manage the comedown with food, water, caffeine, or other illicit substances, as many users attempt. Kicking a meth habit is doable. Addicts who enter inpatient rehab facilities have the greatest odds of success.

Can the High Be Worth the Low?

Crystal is particularly appealing to the working class–especially in rural areas–because of its stimulating properties. It keeps you feeling alert, focused, and confident…in the short term. When it comes to healthy, sustainable productivity…there are no such shortcuts. A lack of sleep and food catches up with you quickly. Further, flooding your brain with feel-good chemicals at random times only results in shortages later on, when you’ve actually earned a sense of reward by performing a positive action, like making a high grade on a test or winning a race. At times like those, you should feel good, confident, and motivated to repeat the behavior in the future. That’s how good habits form, after all.

Mood-altering drugs like crystal meth disrupt this process, and addicts end up in a dark place because of that. There is hope, however.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a methamphetamine addiction–or an addiction to any illicit drug–now is the time to get help.

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